Sunday 25 February 2018
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3 authentic German recipes

3 authentic German recipes

3 authentic German recipes

How to make Bratkartoffeln (German Home Fries)

13 thoughts on “3 authentic German recipes

  1. txrepgirl

    What kind of wine do you use ? Do you have a website where I can get the recipe (right amounts) from ?

  2. Retired NavyCPO

    Thanks for making them the German way! I was born in Hamburg and been in America since 1962. Heart attack? Stupid people. You don't eat these everyday! Once in a while? No heart attack you stupid idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go eat your lettuce!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave Sandler

    That bacon was only in the skillet for maybe one minute at the most. It would be like eating raw bacon (processed though it may have been). Surely you would want the bacon to be crisp would you not? Do the Germans prefer their bacon to be not very cooked?

  4. Elliott Inglese

    My Nanny margaret lauser's were the best. She used maggi and lots of butter and they were cooked till they were all sticky and fudgy and super savory and comforting. Miss you nan. Hoped you watched me making mine and that ur impressed.

  5. SpecterWSA

    Pretty fucking good- I used Gold potatoes should I use different ones? I like em super crispy and had a hard time doing that- The flavor was on point though

  6. Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill

    Ben this a simple and easy dish…man im going the prepare this for myself. It really looks good my friend.

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