Sunday 25 February 2018
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3 Christmas SIDES | Last-Minute Christmas Recipes

3 Christmas SIDES | Last-Minute Christmas Recipes

3 Christmas SIDES | Last-Minute Christmas Recipes

Recipe Coq au vin               by French Cooking Easy and Tasty

19 thoughts on “3 Christmas SIDES | Last-Minute Christmas Recipes

  1. gottfer

    faut que j'essaye les choux de Bruxelles de cette manière même si je les aime nature ça a l'air super bon .

  2. Philippa Rose

    Wish I had watched this before Christmas! Came from Haste's/ Ians channel. Definitely need to try these. Love watching you already xx

  3. Mon Amie

    Ooohh I'm regretting I'm only watching this now. But I guess Christmas is whenever you want it to be. Right? Hahah

  4. Daniel Lee

    alex,new year is around the corner #2016 can u tell me what kind of food does western people eats ? except beer , burger and pizza

  5. shakotoon

    Hi Alex. Peut-on frire les boulettes de purée plutôt que de les cuire au four, ou vous déconseillez ?

    Can we deep fry the mashed potato balls rather than bake them, or would you advise against it?


  6. Dimas Akbar

    i like the brussel sprout recipe. the mash reminds me of Japanese roquette, or Indonesian perkedel.
    Was wondering about the baked root vegs… a bit worried that it might be too sweet (considering baked veg tend to be sweet, and we add maple syrup on it), time to experiment :p

  7. sara sarahi

    But I would ask you put english subtitle or type ingridients in description !

  8. bcgrote

    I need that bowl. I need quite a few of them, my friends would all want one as well! Yay, I found it on Amazon, the Mason Cash series. Love it!

  9. kaneshirogirl

    Share sounded like chére yay! Love the sweater and the mashed potato balls yum!! How do you say Merry Christmas in French? I say Felíz Navidad Guapo!

  10. Victoria Coura

    French Guy, I'm currently learning french and I also love to cook. Do you have any videos in french? Or know any youtube channel that's about cooking but is also in french? Thank you very much!

  11. The Happy Foodie

    They all look very yummy Alex. We are looking forward to trying them. Have a lovely Christmas!

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