3 Gourmet Burger Recipes

3 Gourmet Burger Recipes

3 Gourmet Burger Recipes

20 thoughts on “3 Gourmet Burger Recipes

  1. Robert Caffrey

    these look really good but one critic i have is that you're using lean ground beef. if you want to get the most flavor out of a burger, use at least 80/20, although 85/15 is acceptable

  2. Samirah Khair

    How come the blue cheese is the part that most aren't into? What about the gross bacon everywhere?

  3. Joanne Nugent

    Love your recipes and so good you give veggie options as I am going down that route.I am going to try your white bean and avocado sandwich filling which looks delicious.

  4. Krisha Meisheri

    U say it as vegetarian but u add egg as the binding agent , will it be okay if we add , corn starch?

  5. aldadragon

    Your recipes are incomplete, if you do not teach how to make the condiment to actually GO with the burgers. Condiments are the Key to things like burgers and hot dogs. So, basically YOU FAIL. There are better guys doing more complete burger recipes on youtube out there. Be original, and find something you are more experienced at cooking. because you lost this one sister..

  6. Fofo

    even though my mom always bans me from the kitchen except if I want to eat, I am so going to give this a try. You are absolutely amazing and I love all of your videos they feel so comfy and cozy. I hope you become a big chef that everyone can recognize in the future because you are unbelievably talented!!!

  7. Sarah Moser

    i love your energy !!!!!!!! I'll give the black bean burger a try. Could I maybe bake them or pan fry them cause I don't own a grill?

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