Thursday 22 February 2018
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8 Must Try Japanese Foods 食べるべき日本食

8 Must Try Japanese Foods 食べるべき日本食

8 Must Try Japanese Foods 食べるべき日本食

Koji - The Mother of Japanese Cuisine | Japanese for beginners

20 thoughts on “8 Must Try Japanese Foods 食べるべき日本食

  1. allgoo19

    I like Zaru-soba.

    I make curry-rice every Friday.

    It's a tradition of Japanese merchant ships and the Japanese navy just to keep reminding the crew what day of the week, otherwise you'll lose a sense of what day on the calendar they are in.
    When you are on a boat, you have no weekends.

  2. 誰出茂内

    広島風お好み焼き(okonomi-yaki Hiroshima style)


  3. 姫愛


  4. Taiba Aljaber

    HI thank you for the videos, how do we avoid pork and alcohol in our food choices, like what do we say to the restaurant in Japanese, please help :)

  5. Jaey Yoon

    Omg as i watching the video food looked good but ur eyes are juss… felt like i was getting sucked into ur eyes… ur eyes are so so so so so soooooooo PRETTY!!!

  6. Mori Soba

    Well, all those foods are Japanese fast food, equivalent of hamburger, sandwich, Pizza or spaghetti in the West.

  7. 金正男・

    10万以上の高級和食を食べたことありますか?  ジャンクフードとは全然違いますよ。

  8. スズキヒロアキ


  9. sejbomb

    Sadly, I'm a fussy eater due to intolerances and food issues as a child. So I'd most likely starve if I did visit Japan :( but they look interesting!

  10. tiki riot

    I thought this was going to be a video describing food you wouldn't see much outside Japan, I can get most of this delivered in the U.K. 😂

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