Sunday 25 February 2018
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AMAZING 20 Minute Curry Chicken |

AMAZING 20 Minute Curry Chicken |

AMAZING 20 Minute Curry Chicken |

WARNING Best Jamaican Curry Goat #TastyTuesdays |

40 thoughts on “AMAZING 20 Minute Curry Chicken |

  1. ChrisNMell Family

    Gosh Drooling….😋😋😋
    I'm sure this taste sooo Good
    I'm gonna go make some now!!! Gotto get some too stop this craving.
    Keep it up Chris
    I love your recipes .

  2. danceyoufoo dance

    I've been cooking Curry chicken for about a year now, and it never seem to come out right. Always missing that something until i found your recipe. Thaaaaank you!!


    this dish of curry looks sooo good! I'm literally watching and making this at the same time!

  4. crackerjacks46

    Wonder what adding Coconut milk would do? I make a spicy chicken using coconut milk, hot chilli, ginger & turmeric with a few other ingredients, that my husband loves. Definitely trying this recipe!

  5. X-_QUEENIE _ - X

    Trust me when we cook curry goat people do knock the door always have to cook more cant denie peopel this good food it good for the soul…x

  6. Domenique Jackson

    Maaaaaaaaaaan!! Very very simple, easy and not heavy on the palette way to make your dish. Much respect man and everything looks amazing. I am the product of island chefs and I got the cooking gene but I am no Food Network star Lol. We almost have similar techniques but because I am a person who fuses damn near everything I skip the scotch bonnet pepper part and add a lil jerk to mine. It give it a different taste obviously but it gives me the best of both worlds. Hahaha..

  7. sylkyj

    The colour is different to the curry goat I have had at friends or bought in restaurants, why is this?

  8. 80sGirl Asante

    Chris, you are my all time favourite chef on YouTube. You bet, am gonna be making curry goat this Easter Weekend. I can smell all the aromas of your juicy goat. This will go well with my Ugandan Matoke (Green Steamed Bananas).

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