Sunday 25 February 2018
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Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Chicken Nacho Dip

Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Chicken Nacho Dip

Appetizer Recipes - How to Make Chicken Nacho Dip

20 thoughts on “Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Chicken Nacho Dip

  1. Thrillseeker8922

    Why do people love so much putting spicy stuff in their food? Not only it's unhealthy, but you can't even savor the taste properly cos it burns. Jalapenos are death.

  2. Allrecipes

    Processed cheese is used in this recipe because this ingredient was used by the home cook who submitted the recipe to You may omit it, Jim Wilson, and substitute cream cheese if you wish and adjust the recipe seasonings. 

  3. Mr. Hymn

    Like this recipe but no jalapenos pepper. :)

    Can I add peas? or something else to substitute the black bean? 

  4. asma ish

    next time I'm cooking a whole chicken I know wat I'm gonna do with the boobs!! thank youu for sharing <33

  5. picframe000

    if i wanted a processed cheese dip id just buy a can from the store, heat for a min in microwave and bam i dont need to waste two hrs

  6. Beau Cantrell

    I'm sure it tastes OK, but I'm a little hesitant when it comes to "processed cheese food." I'm assuming that's Velveeta. I'll have to pass on this one.

  7. AllieKins92 `

    I miss the other original voice. This one is so dull. It sounds like she doesn't even want to be there 😤😣😑

  8. Nick Muggli

    @JimWilson American cheese is processed cheese and because it usually melts without ceasing up like other cheeses and maintained a certain desired consistency

  9. Bullshit Detector

    "processed cheese food" I guess they can't say velveeta. lol

    Anyway, that looks pretty good. I might try it out. 

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