Sunday 25 February 2018
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Asian at Home | Pad Thai Recipe

Asian at Home | Pad Thai Recipe

Asian at Home | Pad Thai Recipe

20 thoughts on “Asian at Home | Pad Thai Recipe

  1. Chris Larene

    Thank you for this recipe!!! Pad Thai is my absolute favorite dish and after moving I'm not as close to my favorite authentic Thai restaurant so I'm trying to get as close to the real deal as possible and I think I found the best recipe!

  2. Kathryn Palmer

    I made this tonight and it was incredible! I will never eat takeout again now that I know how easy it is to make Asian food. Not to mention it tastes so much better! You're the best Seonkyong!

  3. Ali Said__

    Try this sauce Seonkyoung for pad Thai!
    -tamarind sauce w/real tamarind pulp. You can melt the tamarind pulp in hot water.
    -fish sauce
    -sugar/Palm sugar
    -soy sauce
    -paprika powder
    -chili powder
    Adjust the taste and if you want a little more sour tamarind soup powder!

  4. Mai Lor

    Thanks to you I've become a chef in my own kitchen hehehehe!! Mama always said a woman should know now to man her kitchen. Lol but my moms teaching was a dab of this and a shake of that. I could never catch on and my sauce was always off hahahahah

  5. Tin Kan

    I'm Thai and your recipe and cooking very close to  mine even Paula Deen used tamarind juice ( that is for drinking not to cook Paula!), I'll keep watching your video.  I'll make mine someday :)

  6. Ramona Ah Fook

    I love this. Ive made it for the second time now and it always tyrn out delish. Thanks for the recipe. (Just finished making one now) X


    You explain and went into details(step by step) perfectly! 😊 Love it I will try to make Pad Thai today for a very first time

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