Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Authentic Italian Pizza Recipe ( Pizza Margherita & Pizza Bianca )

Authentic Italian Pizza Recipe ( Pizza Margherita & Pizza Bianca )

Authentic Italian Pizza Recipe ( Pizza Margherita & Pizza Bianca )

20 thoughts on “Authentic Italian Pizza Recipe ( Pizza Margherita & Pizza Bianca )

  1. kimmy 111

    The crust of my pizza always end up soggy and not crusty because i didn't own any pizza stone. But ur baking sheet trick had bought my pizza to whole new another level of crustyness, just like any other pizza restaurant.Thanks so much, Emma!!!😙😙 So so helpful

  2. Charles Lee Smading

    Italian pussy always is so Sweet, so, hot and super Tight and loves to have some good hot Killer Sex until it is all wet

  3. Jiya J

    Your recipes are way too easy n ur accent is just wonderful
    PS:love all your videos doing a great job dear..

  4. Santosh Bukkashetti

    One, you are gorgeous :) two, the pizza looks great. I am gonna give this recipe a try. Thank you.

  5. Alan Greene

    I did this and used all of the dough for a huge pizza, I cooked it on the barbecue, it got a bit burnt on the bottom but I thought it was nice.

  6. brenda k7

    Hello Emma! I'm your new fan! I been watching a lot of pizza recipe videos the last couple of months and I've made about 5 different recipes and your recipe is the best! I just finish doing one little pizza after 2 hours in the fridge and it was amazing. I'm doing the rest of the dough tomorrow., I can't wait!

  7. Peter Sarubbi

    This is a fantastic version of pizza Emma…great technique for homemade pizza…love it…thank you for this😊😊😊👏👏👏

  8. The Law of Divine Oneness

    Wow, I have been scouring the internet trying to find a really good pizza margherita recipe and this is the best one I've seen. Great job Emma.

  9. Karan Darlington

    First – don't stop cooking & bakingSecond – don't stop videoing your wonderful creations & coversLastly – don't worry about ppl's personal opinions of your appearance, manner, accent [totally long island, I know i'm from joizey] or that nit-pik stuff.Bono Fortuna & Enjoy!!

  10. Hercules Rockefeller

    I cooked pizza on my charcoal grill and it came out with the awesome crust and slightly smokey flavor like the super expensive woodfired pizza restaurant that charges 35 bucks a pie

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