Bacon, Potatoes and Cabbage – Traditional Irish One-Pot Cooking Recipe.

Bacon, Potatoes and Cabbage – Traditional Irish One-Pot Cooking Recipe.

Bacon, Potatoes and Cabbage - Traditional Irish One-Pot Cooking Recipe.

Donal Skehan | Kitchen Hero | Rediscovering the Irish Kitchen | Episode One

38 thoughts on “Bacon, Potatoes and Cabbage – Traditional Irish One-Pot Cooking Recipe.

  1. inspirality

    I remember eating this as a child I don't know which I looked forward to the most, the boiled bacon cabbage and potatoes or the bubble and squeak the next day 🙂

  2. Dorothy cripplewing

    Looks delicious, wonderful videos, am bingeing on them under the playlist category. Keep up the great work the filming is very good not much jiggling.

  3. Railfan 439

    What you call Bacon in Ireland, is the pork loin, from the back of the pig. What we call Bacon in the U.S. is from the belly of the pig, cured in salt and sodium nitrate, then smoked. It is then sliced thin, and fried for breakfast usually with eggs. What you put in to boil we would call a boneless pork loin roast, and we would put it into the oven or sliced into boneless pork chops and fried in a skillet. That same pork loin, if cured in salt and sodium nitrate, possibly smoked, and sliced thin, we would call "Canadian Bacon." It would also be fried for breakfast.Thanks for the lovely video. Sean.

  4. Zeemike1

    Does not look like a poor person's meal to me…quite the opposite I think…rich people eat fresh veggies and their own pork. You can have a rich life with little money if you have wonderful land like you have.
    I just love this vlog…

  5. Lee Hill

    I would also call that ham. Bacon here come from the belly of the pig. It has a lot of fat on it and is fried crispy.

  6. Jai Stanley

    I used to eat this all the time as a child. My nan was Irish and grew up.on a farm.

    Sometimes my grandad made it ultra posh with two pans and an oven, and some gravy with Chinese five spice in it. Omnomnomnom..

  7. MrVailtown

    The Mrs. Likes to spice your life up a bit I see .
    She was quite pleased with the meal.
    One of my favorites.

  8. Springwood Cottage

    One of my Father's favourite meals, except he loathed cabbage (called it dish cloth) but loved carrots and to make sure it was all cooked together and because he didn't like paying utility bills he used a pressure cooker.

  9. Martha Anderson

    Oh there is nothing like that bacon here. The good people of British Isles know how to treat a pig. Our bacon in the US would be wrong for this. This would be New England Boiled Dinner here Boiled dinner is usually ham and often that is too salty as well. I enjoyed a stroll around English market in Cork and admired the lovely butcher displays

  10. Barbara Cox McQuiddy

    Just discovered your shows today after watched you in Europe, from AZ. Love your cooking style not to mention your Irish charm.

  11. fridunanti

    From Sweden, Hi Donal today, I have seen you on Swedish TV preparing a sauce with a, to me, strange name. Something like michimurri……its colour was greenish. What is its proper name?

  12. Lucy Provost

    The old show is so much better than the new show. Its better when Donal is in Ireland. I prefer this kitchen as well instead of the fake set he has his show in lately.

  13. Yva Nguyễn

    I really want to go to Ireland now!! Not only to meet Donal but to also gain 10kg from eating so much food XD

  14. squire haggard

    To be honest rice pudding (that skin) and rhubarb (boiled into pulpy submission and submerged under sickly custard –and again with the skin!) are two of my least favourite dessert things but this recipe and Skehan's presentation actually have me wanting to give them another go.

  15. Celeste Yeung

    actually traditional oils like the beef dripping one you mentioned is much healthier than processed inflammatory oils like sunflower oil

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