Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Recipe

25 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Recipe

  1. Jason Jones

    Awesome thank you I’m thinking of adding mushrooms as well in mine, I
    suppose there’s so much you can add. AgaIn thank you I be trying that this
    weekend..yum yum!

  2. vermilionskin

    I’m going to try this today, since it’s a heavy dish, I will serve it with
    salad . I love your videos, very simple and clear! :)

  3. Barb Dunn

    Yeah, who the hell has an oven that clean?! I’m more mesmerized by the
    clean oven than I the recipe (which looks delicious!)

  4. smartpeeple

    Thank YOU! — I’m going to make this for dinner tonight. A couple of
    questions, first what would you recommend as a side dish? and second, how
    do you keep your oven so clean :-) Best Regards

  5. smartpeeple

    I made this for dinner tonight and am eating it right now as I write —
    THIS IS SOOOOOOO GOOD !! Thanks for sharing this recipe…mine didn’t look
    as nice as yours so I’ll have to practice my bacon wrapping
    — my husband says thank you too….Regards –

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