Sunday 25 February 2018
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Caribbean Black Beans – Lynn’s Recipes

Caribbean Black Beans – Lynn’s Recipes

Caribbean Black Beans - Lynn's Recipes

The Ultimate Garlic Shrimp Recipe.

38 thoughts on “Caribbean Black Beans – Lynn’s Recipes

  1. Ian Brazier

    Lynn, thanks for sharing. I have black beans to use and I am in northern Japan in the middle of winter now. A very warming recipe!

  2. John Karavitis

    Deceptively simple, and cooking the rice separately gives you more control over the rice.  The rice and beans will cook at different rates, of course.  Good video.

  3. Mutmainnah Black

    I just cooked this! Great, but I do not like the sweet taste. The meal was fulfilling, and aesthetically pleasing.  Lynn I have a question, what are alternatives to the orange juice? Could I use veggie stock?

  4. Fox Makeba

    As an hungry Caribbean man looking at take away menus I came across someone doing an Caribbean breakfast with 'Caribbean beans' on the side. After watching this video, I fancy trying the take away meal myself. Anyone had these beans for breakfast?

  5. lynnsrecipes

    The orange juice provides a really complimentary flavor to the ginger and adds a little liquid. You could just use water to substitute for the orange juice. Black beans are very good for you. If you google black beans, you can find out all the health benefits to them. There are many. I hope this helps.

  6. Stephaniebobo

    may i know why you add in orange juice, or not, what else can i use as the liquid to cook? what is the nutrient value of black beans? I think should be good.

  7. Lyn Wood

    Lovely dish…..I personally don't like cooking prawns too long…( someone also forgot to clean them first hehe)…..I tried this recipe to the letter, also did it again but used a small amount of reduced cream with it and re-added the prawns to coat.

  8. William Robarts

    I almost down thumbed u….glad i waited for the butter to make its intro… u got some great tasting shrimp there man. I love shrimp this way, anything thing dripping with butter and garlic. When I want to eat healthy, I grab me some greens and carrots or something. But when I want to eat…..I eat what ever makes my mouth and stomach happy.

  9. vasyasol

    sir, this is so good! i also fried some bread at the end on same pan and made worlds best prawn toast

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