Sunday 25 February 2018
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Caribbean Curry Crab Recipe.

Caribbean Curry Crab Recipe.

Caribbean Curry Crab Recipe.

20 thoughts on “Caribbean Curry Crab Recipe.

  1. Marco New

    M. Newbold….I am an aspiring Chef. I've learned so much from you. This book will be put to good use. With much appreciation.

  2. Fedora Letang

    Oh Chris you are one of the master of cooking delicious west Indian food hats off for you Chris I could taste that delicious crab

  3. Lorraine well done my sister I LOVE YOU Bailey

    I love curry crab with roti I make delicious curry crab and roti but can't get crab where I live now love your
    Love your cooking Chris

  4. Cruz Ramirez

    hey men this recipe looks really good and i want to try it but idk if i can find the powders around here, i came to a vacation to veracruz n i got a bunch of crab to cook tomorrow is there another recipe you got to cook crab plz help

  5. Lylin Best

    Hi Cris just wanted to say that I enjoy watching you,its funny when get home sick y o u r on for a couple hours. Just to let u know there is another name for shadow bene it is RECAO the Puerto Rican people call it

  6. Angie Gobin

    hi Kris I really like your food, I cook some of it, which my family like very much. Guess what we r Guyanese and most of your food we cook in Guyana

  7. Iri Boli

    i love your crab recipe i have tasted curry crabs before, i enjoyed your recipe more. i love the method of preparing and cooking all your dishes they look appetizing and they are very tasty i am glad that you gave the choice of not using coconut milk in the crabs, i prefer not to use coconut milk with fish.
    thank you for the step by step prep and cooking instructions

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