Sunday 25 February 2018
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Cassava Boiled And Fried #TastyTuesdays |

Cassava Boiled And Fried #TastyTuesdays |

Cassava Boiled And Fried #TastyTuesdays |

20 thoughts on “Cassava Boiled And Fried #TastyTuesdays |

  1. sebastian keiller

    chris i love your saltfish casava recipe it is simple and effective and to the point, what i like about it, is that though it is simple it looks very rich with all the ingredients added and it does not take long to prepare, keep up the good work.

  2. Mella pne

    I'm always locked on Chris but this one, man! I had to comment. Looks wicked and amazing. Love your channel bro

  3. 80sGirl Asante

    Chef Chris, I love boiled Cassava/Roast Cassava with either peanut, Avocado or unsalted butter on it. It's delicious. Thank you for your Cassava recipe. Will certainly try it minus cod fish.

  4. Anita White

    Good video and instruction. I've eaten cassava in my travels but never prepared it. I'm making it for the first time today.

  5. Sio Makihele

    I just learned that the Tongan Islands weren't the only one that called it Manioke. This looks good…will try soon thx

  6. Zoch Buppet

    1000% Guyanese dish.
    Its usually potatoes, cassava, and plantain, or whatever substantial root veg you cooked. This style of cooking was to use up food left over from the night before. If you made it from left over Methem, you did a quick fry up in the morning, and you would also have yu duff in there from the Methem.
    Add onion but no tomatoes as it makes it wet.

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