Thursday 22 February 2018
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Cheap Roast Beef recipes

Cheap Roast Beef recipes

Cheap Roast Beef recipes

20 thoughts on “Cheap Roast Beef recipes

  1. BarbecueBarbaren

    Some of the best lookin roasts I've ever seen – and I can tell ya mine are really pretty too. I'll give this cut of beef a try for sure! What do you think of the GrillEye? I love mine.
    Cheers from the Vienna pit

  2. Auto Tech

    YOU HAVE 2 CHOICES GUYS!! You pick, either I live in your yard or I am kidnapping one of you!!! Evil grin. That thermometer is on eBay for $100.00 which seams kind of high when there are others for half that cost. Smiles. MOST EXCELLENT WATCHING THE GRILLING CHANNELS OUT THERE. Nice job.

  3. nikola milliovic

    DAMN YOU BOYS!!!! Im sittin here in stupid 18 wheeler eating canned corn and beef while u make this sinfull pleasure😢
    Lifes just not fair.

  4. Ат мастер

    Ребята, ебала попроще и к вам мир потянится. А вообще вы забавные, привет из Империи "Зла"

  5. crushed51

    I am s B B Q VIRGIN and I learned a long time ago, if you don't know the answer ASK the question, so apologies if this appears to be a daft question. I notice that you use a super deluxe bells n whistles grill, which probably costs an arm and a leg nad your first born too. Is it possible, or even feasible to get the same results from an el cheapo grill, from wally world ?.

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