Sunday 25 February 2018
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Figs & Cheese Recipe : Southern French Cooking

Figs & Cheese Recipe : Southern French Cooking

Figs & Cheese Recipe : Southern French Cooking

How to make a French Fish soup, bouillabaisse style - step by step video recipe

12 thoughts on “Figs & Cheese Recipe : Southern French Cooking

  1. Drew M

    Umm, I hate to tell you this, but that is a tea bag!

    Just kidding – I couldn't help myself. 😁. I have never seen bouquet garni like that! How convenient!

  2. Bella Sky

    so very awesome loved this just discovered your channel, Love your personality too you so vibrant on camera …can't wait to watch all your videos 😊 i also do cooking please check it out if u get a chance, maybe we can be friends and support each other…have a great day

  3. Giannis Sideris

    I like the way you cooking! it is simply and so respectful to the main ingredients Wichita you use.
    The Mediterranean fishes you can't find them nowhere!
    As much more kind of fishes as much better!
    I realize what some times it's difficult to sow at camera your really cooking skills.
    And I see what you have a lot

  4. Shabia71 Khanom

    fish stock link does not take you to a video on how to make fish stock. Please can you send the correct link for fish stock

  5. Giannis Sideris

    nice very nice!
    I have to make two point out!
    1 the Safran it was to much,and second at the first part of the execution you should pout more fishes!
    of course all these are during by my opinion!

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