Sunday 25 February 2018
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Finally! A German Recipe: 1795 Fried Surprise!

Finally! A German Recipe: 1795 Fried Surprise!

Finally! A German Recipe: 1795 Fried Surprise!

20 thoughts on “Finally! A German Recipe: 1795 Fried Surprise!

  1. travelingsnail

    I just found out about your channel and am loving everything so far. I'm also a native German speaker living in the US for over 20 years now. If you guys ever need a hand deciphering or translating German (even old stuff) I'd be happy to help.

  2. Moira House

    This is so delicious! To make it at home, it's much easier dump the flour (all at once) into hot milk and melted butter. Then the eggs. Classic choux pastry. A lot less stirring involved…. Same result. So many wonderful ideas in these talks!

  3. JayFolipurba

    looks a lot like it's in a "Schlafrock". In Germany we coat and fry a lot of stuff in dough to make it in a "Schlafrock". I'm sure this also exists in English but I don't know the term rn

  4. Laura Metheny

    Looks really yummy! I would like to know HOW you manage to stay so svelte! This is not exactly low fat food. Of course it is what they had access to AND I assume that due to the much more rugged and hard working lives they led-they would NEED heavier food. So are you out there chopping cords and cords? Plowing the old fashioned way?😍Love the channel. It is so fun and educational. Also vip. Someday we may really NEED this knowledge to survive. Thankyou!🐾

  5. Khalil Mason

    I'm a vegan, but I just love watching these recipes come together. I'm vegan, because of the way animals are mistreated in the Meat Industry (meat and industry just seem wrong together to me). Were it up to me: we'd only eat what we could gather with our own hands. I'm sure there was some sort of demand for flesh in the 18th century, but I know that people were more self-sufficient also: and that's far more respectable than what we have today. If the world was returned to a more natural way, like that of the First Nations: I'd gladly try my hand at these recipes, animal product and all. Hard work makes the food taste worlds better. I love your work, Townsends: the preservation and demonstration of this part of history is integral to the identity of humanity. The whole team rocks!

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