Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Gourmet Recipes: Amuse Bouche

Gourmet Recipes: Amuse Bouche

50 thoughts on “Gourmet Recipes: Amuse Bouche

  1. Kimberly Cade

    I really prefer this dish rather than anything else. I really find it
    challenging to make. But I hope I can make it perfectly. I truly admire the
    chef making it.

  2. mariagharris5

    Watching the chef doing his dish is entertaining. It makes me want to do
    the dish. I cant wait to do this with my mom.

  3. pearlhess90

    Simply Amuse(ing) Bouche. The recipes name itself is very amusing. I really
    like simple cuisines but gives a great impact about it.

  4. janicacoligue

    Lovely dish… I just can’t wait to try this on my upcoming farewell party. I
    love bite size foods! Easy to make and prepare!

  5. droan999

    im new to working in a live kitchen, and have a live table in front of me
    that we serve lots of amuses, any other recipes you know of would be great.

  6. Brandon Tseng

    If I could be in space for one day, I;d just spend all of it having fun
    playing with the food. And astronaut ice cream… Love that stuff :)

  7. Rowbance Music

    1:24 : Is it normal to have that many meat between your sandwich in America
    ? Or is it just for jokes :) 

  8. Arutemisu

    Watching Chris Hadfield eat asparagus was one of the most entertaining
    things I’ve seen in a while.

  9. Nicolas Calderon

    For the mars thing, liquefied food is the best option IMO. It would drive
    the astronauts insane though lmao. 

  10. Jayman2800

    In response to what adam said at 1:38 Astronauts Create their menu’s before
    they go up. Therefore they can only order yummy stuff for their meals if
    they so please

  11. IvoryDoll

    Hi there! I research food and Nutritional Science as a hobby.

    I enjoyed this video so very much 😀

    My immediate questions are are there ramen noodles in space and if not who
    do I talk to to get that research going :)

    Pardon me for taking up so much space with my comment. Best to ask and find
    out than to leave wondering. And thanks for taking the time to read it.

  12. Caitlin MacLeod

    Man if he smoked a few fat blunts in there, the air circulation system
    would just keep pumping and pumping that shit through the different pods;
    hot boxing at it’s finest.

  13. Kenna Harris

    They could also maybe put all of the stuff ( the shrimp, the asparugus, the
    grits) all in one pack and just rehydrate in and squish it around to mixx

  14. schlaznger

    Very true. Think of all the possible options that can happen on the way to
    Mars. It boggles the mind

  15. bluestar52281

    I think a pair of chopsticks would be a great alternative for eating things
    like asparagus. Plus, why don’t they make the soups like the drinks? Much
    easier that way…

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