Sunday 25 February 2018
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How to cook: POTATO DUMPLINGS (Kartoffelklöße) – CookingTheGermanWay # 008

How to cook: POTATO DUMPLINGS (Kartoffelklöße) – CookingTheGermanWay # 008

How to cook: POTATO DUMPLINGS (Kartoffelklöße) - CookingTheGermanWay # 008

Classic German Bee Sting Cake | With Vanilla Custard and Almond Crust

18 thoughts on “How to cook: POTATO DUMPLINGS (Kartoffelklöße) – CookingTheGermanWay # 008

  1. Bageera Sixtythree

    My mama would make/cook 2 extra potato balls for the next day. Cut them in half, slice them up, & fry on the stove with oil & butter. And a little applesauce on the side. Thanks for the video!

  2. Doug sillig

    i just made these i had them in my wife's spicey Korean pork bone stew. They fit the dish very well and we both enjoyed them so much. thank you

  3. Joe Serrano

    Hmm…..came here because of an AWESOME Documentary of Germany after WW2 and I've never heard of these potatoe dumplings! Fraü Weber, back in se Utah, made some yummy stuffed cabbage rolls, but after seeing your video I don't why she didn't make any potatoe dumplings! Thumbs up and thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Douglas Kirby L

    do you use much salt in water like pasta? secondly, would you recommend cider vinegar or wine vinegar for saurbrauten?

  5. Rohit Pillai

    I don't have potato starch and wheatlets and is not easily available in every market and grocery store in India so what can I substitute for this ingredients? ???

  6. Veto

    Ich liebe den Bienenstich, am besten mit Vanille Pudding! Tolles Video und es sieht Lecker aus! *Yummi 😀 Jetzt weiß ich was es am Sonntagnachmittag zum Kaffee gibt, danke! 😉

    I love the bee sting, best with vanilla pudding! Great video and it looks delicious! * Yummi: D Now I know what there is on Sunday afternoon for coffee, thank you!

  7. Emaratilicious -

    I tried this when I was in Germany and I spent ages trying to remember what it was called. I'm so glad I found it here. It looks exactly like the one I bought at the bakery :) Seriously delicious and I haven't found it anywhere outside of Germany.


    yo i honestly love your vids do you plan on making any more anytime coming up? that would be so dope if you did

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