Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to Make Blackberry Wine by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

How to Make Blackberry Wine by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

How to Make Blackberry Wine by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

Homemade grape wine Step by Step

40 thoughts on “How to Make Blackberry Wine by Brewbitz Homebrew Shop

  1. rovers4lyfe

    Great video one thing my bucket has a hole in top for a airlock could I fit one at first week stage to create a seal or do I need the carbon dioxide to stop in for seven days

  2. Lee Clayton

    Hi. Brill video, can you tell me what wine yeast you are using for this recipe? I've currently got about 3kg of blackberries to ferment and never done this before. Great video by the way!

  3. Asterix

    Hi Davin just been out to collect some more Blackberries only managed to get get 2lb what can i add with these to make something different and bulk up the fruit !!

  4. MINXC3

    Thanks for the fast mail order service. I've just added the yeast you sent me to the must. My local Wilcos no longer sells brewing accessories (only complete kits), so I was starting to panic. I've used 4lb blackberries so reduced the sugar to 2.5 lbs. Blackberries are plentiful this year. Good tutorial btw.

  5. Mel Phil

    Sorry to be a pain – I am on the promise of a bag load of damsons next week, I usually jam them, I would much prefer to drink them, alcoholically speaking :-) Are they OK for making wine with? Is the ratio of fruit to sugar still 3lb of each and water 6pints? And would I need to halve them or squish them to get the goodies out? Many thanks for your time

  6. Mel Phil

    Why is this recipe so different from your blackcurrant recipe? (ie. pour on 8pints boiling water, lid on, leave for 7 days, then add sugar and chemicals etc…). I am planning on making both, just curious as to why the different series of events. First time making wine, so I am clueless :-)

  7. Nicko G's

    If you were going to degas your wine would you rack it off onto finnings first or do you degas then rack?

  8. WhiteBoyWithAnIpod

    I put blackberries in a water bottle put them in the fridge for a while then took them out and left then over night now it smells like wine does that mean it's turning into wine? XD

  9. Cade Johnson

    Do you not use an airlock during the initial week of fermentation? Why do you stir the whine every day in the first week? Sorry, just never seen other wine say to do this before.

  10. slammers2002

    @Brewbitz. I watched your raspberry wine video and this one. Is there a reason you used a slightly different method? Thanks, you have been a big help in my wine making life!!!

  11. Nico

    made this around 7 months ago based on your recipe and have to say its brilliant thank you so much keep up the good work, drinking it as we speak lol

  12. Arun Sahasrabuddhe

    The wine is full of cement, rust (the juice extractor is full of rust), and many nasty germs as the process takes place in bathroom, the camera is so shaky that it seems the chap has alzheimer's disease

  13. Latoya Roache

    The crusher thing looked very rusty and a toilet bowl cleaner next to where u were mixing it. This looked so unsanitary

  14. Baptiste Productions


  15. Виктор Николаевич

    Сначала балкон засрал полом ванную и в конце кухню. )))) Я также все делаю в квартире;)))

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