Sunday 25 February 2018
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How To Make Chicken Pelau.

How To Make Chicken Pelau.

How To Make Chicken Pelau.

Grace Caribbean Corned Beef Recipe from Chef Ricardo Cooking

30 thoughts on “How To Make Chicken Pelau.

  1. Theola Marshall

    Great video! Very well thought out and organised. I thought it took rather long to cook pelau your way because pelau is supposed to be a quick pot. But I guess we all have our own way of doing it. Please keep the videos coming! Quick question, is it possible to buy Golden Ray online? I live in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Stafford Gayle

    Chris how you doing I like your idea I Coke allot myself and I learned a lot from you keep up the good work Gayle

  3. Anganie Baksh

    Omgosh! I tried this and it turned out so well. I've never been successful at Palau till this one! You are absolutely amazing!

  4. Nic Harri

    I'm from Barbados…but I'm not a fan of pelau shame…. but my bf loves it …and since we'll be living together soon I definitely need to learn to make this to keep him happy lol. Really helpful video. Superior quality btw

  5. Wills Wesseh

    Great video. Can't wait to try it. Plan on making it with Plantain to take to school (College). I just want to know, does the caribbean corn beef has any smell to it? (Not trying to be rude or anything)

  6. Livetta Minott

    I enjoy your videos love pigtails but don't eat red beans can you please dont a video of pigtails and broad bean weird I know

  7. Chef Ricardo Cooking


    New caribbean cookbook coming soon.

    Chef Ricardo is on a mission to promote Caribbean Cuisine

    Ricardo Campbell, more popularly known as Chef Ricardo is not the kind of individual who waits for good things to happen, he makes them happen.

    Not content with being able to prepare first class Caribbean dishes, he has to share his passion for food with the world and has written two books on Caribbean cuisine which are available in stores and online.

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