Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to make EGG MUFFINS breakfast recipe

How to make EGG MUFFINS breakfast recipe

How to make EGG MUFFINS breakfast recipe

20 thoughts on “How to make EGG MUFFINS breakfast recipe

  1. 63142

    I have been looking for a new way to serve breakfast to my kids, One never eats, doesn't have time. Not any more he can eat as he runs out the door. Thank you so much. I would love more ways to cook eggs and breakfast Ideas.

  2. Joyce Greer

    Great idea. I would think individual custard cups would work well, also? How about adding a little water or milk to the eggs? I like the suggestions of a sauce, too.

  3. Deb Zimmerman

    If I wanted to to the mini muffins how would I cook those?. Perfect to a pot luck brunch. Love your videos!

  4. רחל

    That heavy breathing and smacking of lips makes my stomach churn. Apart from that, it looks good, quick & easy.

  5. Lissa Mac

    I make these quite often in my mini muffin tins. So cute. Same recipe makes a quick frittata in a cake pan when I'm feeling lazy. Sometimes I just add Parmesan and thin sliced ham or bacon (seasoned eggs of course). Easy peasy. Leftovers keep well in the fridge and are Awesome on toast for a quick sandwich.

  6. SreePallavi Pandian

    Hi!! Your recipe is too easy and good. Thanks. I just have a doubt, can you pls help me? My egg muffins got deflated the moment I took it out of the oven. Y?

  7. Yo Charlie

    I just started trying to get into healthy breakfast or snacks to go. Thank you, I like your muffin tray I didn't catch the name. Also just a question if I use yellow onion. Should they be sauteed before tossing em in oven? 🤔🤔🤔

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