Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to Make Fluffy Mexican Restaurant-Style Rice | Hilah Cooking

How to Make Fluffy Mexican Restaurant-Style Rice | Hilah Cooking

How to Make Fluffy Mexican Restaurant-Style Rice | Hilah Cooking

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40 thoughts on “How to Make Fluffy Mexican Restaurant-Style Rice | Hilah Cooking

  1. sOn flower

    I like your chill attitude and love that color counter and the tile I jsut really like your kitchen

  2. Brandon Montaigne

    authentic Spanish rice is a difficult dish to make . its almost like the first time you try and make homemade biscuits . over time you will get better and better until you finally get it . i learned how to make it from my uncles family "witch was Hispanic" and although i learned the traditional way of making this dish, there are many different ways to make it.

  3. Rob Zapata

    I just have to say that this recipe is nooooooo where Mexico. Whoever was her source is not Mexican. If I were to make this recipe or even show this recipe to my mom she would laugh and hit me with the CHANCLA!

  4. Sergio Ingelmo

    your my dream… aye white girl who could cook Mexican food 0.o <3 probably healthier to hah..

  5. msevian v

    Dude you are way funny. I am going to try out your rice recipe. I will let you know if I can pull it off.

  6. Some Dude

    I've never tried making Mexican rice like this before but I'll give it a try.

    My mom would always just toast the rice with onions/garlic then add tomato sauce and chicken stock before simmering/covering. She used a lot of tomato sauce and nicknamed it "red rice," because it looked very red/orange in color.

    Looks good though. Thanks for sharing.

  7. JohnnieRock

    funny everybody is talking about the authenticity of her rice….however I know several mexicans whom all make their rice differently. she's got the basics down.

  8. Suck my paranoid Balls

    And by the way, she's trying to make it like they do at her favorite restaurant.
    No where does it say "Mexican rice like they do in Mexico."

  9. Suck my paranoid Balls

    Stfu people. If you're so great at cooking, then why aren't your rice videos up on youtube?

  10. Valerie Morales

    make it however girl do your thang. It least this white girl is cooking and wants to learn instead of being rude give a some tips maybe. Keep cooking girl you rock..

  11. Nacho Naxo

    Vaya receta mas mala …. para pegarse un tiro !!!! no tiene nada que ver con la receta española …

  12. Adrian Hernández

    pretty close to the original. Ours is quite darker and red but if it tastes good, its ok!

  13. El cocinero Justo

    That`s rare mayonnaise sauce. Patatoes bravas NOT carry, OR TOMATO, PEPPERS NO, NO mayonnaise NO garlic, NO pepper. Bravas has: paprika, onion, flour and salt, extra virgin olive oil. Greetings Spain.

  14. mvelenagarcia

    Here in South of Chile, the recipe is with a spicy cheese white sauce…. we spice it up with Merken…. a roasted red chilli flakes…. DELICIOUS!!!!!

  15. onnanoko777

    Amazing!!! Muy ricas!!! ;)))))) By the way… It´s a little different from the original recipe but looks well and yummy!!! ;))) Congrats!!! ;))))

  16. Brooklyn Spence

    I love watching your videos you make cooking fun and add some comedy into it as well… Love the channel

  17. sheila brown

    Hi Hilah,  I'm new to your channel and I'm just wondering, what pantry stales do you keep in you pantry?

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