Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to make rice wine, EASY!

How to make rice wine, EASY!

How to make rice wine, EASY!

Red Wine and Shallot Butter for your favourite steak recipes

37 thoughts on “How to make rice wine, EASY!

  1. nickwoo2

    You cannon use regular yeast, the yeast balls have another mold in them that breaks the starch down to sugars first before the yeast eat the sugars. Also you do not need to add water.

  2. Jack Chen

    Very good, only thing I do not like is that you use paint strainer and boil it, paint strainer looks like made of plastic, how can you boil plastic?

  3. ZozTheKing The Real Zoz Man

    How to make rice beer, I accidentally made it…
    Step one, grind rice.
    Step two, mix the grinded rice with water and yeast.
    Wait to rise.
    Add water,
    Push out the water,

  4. Shantanu Sharma

    Terrific video. Yup, food porn definitely but very very well made. I always struggle with pan sauces after I've prepared my steak and this might just be what I need. I'm usually sooooo ready to eat the steak just after it's done, and since I cook it sous vide, I don't even need to let it rest more than a few seconds. So making a sauce is an exercise in impatience. This will solve that problem. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marilyn Alvarez

    Oh that looks decadent, I've never seen red wine Maitre d' butter, I'll need to try this. Can you perhaps do a more videos of Maitre d' butter options?

  6. Naturally Joslyn

    Have mercy! Why in the world do I click on your videos while hungry and it makes me hangry! Masterpiece😍😋

  7. coolingwinds

    You are the bomb! I made the mushroom sauce for the pork tenderloin vlog last night, but I didn't have rosemary or the pork😆. So I subbed in thyme and beef. Same technique. Awesome results! Thanks for getting my culinary creative juices flowing 😘

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