Sunday 25 February 2018
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How to Make Schnitzel

How to Make Schnitzel

How to Make Schnitzel

20 thoughts on “How to Make Schnitzel

  1. sunshineladyxxx

    The best Schnitzel is really thin veal meat wich is breaded and fried in butter…and it is never ever served with spätzle. Only with potato salad, green and cucumber salad, or possibly with fries. Some like to eat it with cranberries. ( jam ). This is the original wiener schnitzel. The pork schnitzel is made same way.
    There is a variation called Jägerschitzel wich is served with mushroom sauce. This could possibly served with spätzle because of the sauce.

  2. Dieter Soegemeier

    You want to know how to make real schnitzel then get some wone that loves making schnitzel to make it for you or learn from them. Search cooking with Dieter and put the yum into your cooking.

  3. Dieter Soegemeier

    Do remember that schnitzel is an expencive meal , why then would you use the cheapest oil you can find to cook it in, have some pride in your cooking. use butter

  4. Adolf Schinkler

    Butter! Where is the butter? A typical, German Schnitzel isn't fried in oil, but in dehydrated butter (Butterschmalz). Also, youshould use enogh to make it swim in the pan.

  5. Morph 1385

    thats the right way to make a german Schnitzel. but Paprika pulver is not important. good Video. greetings from the Southwest of germany.

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