Thursday 22 February 2018
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How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

My  Way Of Making Apple Wine

40 thoughts on “How to Make Wine from Grapes at Home

  1. jj davs

    I have watched the video and read details on your website. I've guesstimated and hope I'm close, but how many grapes did you start with? If I missed where you stand what you started with I apologize for asking.

  2. Alsexy Boy20

    People don't use this stupid method. In real wine there is no sugar or yeast and also don't use any plastic like this guy did.

  3. Carol Tumminello

    How do you know when the fermentation is finished in the demijohns? Can someone help me out here? I am new at this. Thank you in advance.

  4. Bepis Cola

    its sad people are moaning over the amount of work into this, i say this is a efficient way of making wine, there is other methods to making wine but i say this is the best way to make wine

  5. Gary Powell

    Just watched a show on wine making from Georgia, the country, the birth place of wine, 8000 years ago, and all they do is throw all their grapes in this big clay jar covered with beeswax covering the walls inside, buried in the floor, and they use the long poled masher to mash the grapes up, and slap a lid on it, let it set to ferment for a while, and just drop a glass down in it to drink the first glass to taste it, then that's it. No fancy hygrometer, primary, secondary fermenting. Just start drinking. Supposed to be the best wine their is.

  6. Rabbi Hasan

    Nice tutorial,,keep it up,,It would be better if you would write down the name and quantity of the ingredients in the description

  7. Chris Jones

    Very nice video, I was wondering if you could use lemon juice instead of the zest for the acid/flavoring?

  8. Jeremy Cote

    I want to try this but I'm wondering when your wine ages a bit in the carboy does it become clear? I was under the impression we couldn't heat apples or the wine would be cloudy.

  9. Md Seelbach

    seems as if people just want to bitch for the sake of bitching! move the damn red ball past the stuff you don't want to watch, damn are you that damn lazy? You yoube isn't full of professional video makers GEEZ!

  10. William Halsall

    I find it so incredibly interesting watching somebody chop apples for 10 minutes. But then I don't have anything better to do. What a waste of all the things involved.

  11. Rodney Brin

    can you please leave a list of all your ingredients and how much of everything. I am hard of hearing so it's hard for me to understand. thanks.

  12. Frank Daniels

    Hello Magpie307, did you know that instead of cooking the apples you could just add them to your fermenting container and then add a teaspoon of pectic enzyme to the container also. Within 5 to 7 days the fruit will have broken down to a total mash. The that's how I make peach and mango wine, no worries about cooking the fruit to break it down. Cheers and thanks so much for sharing this great video with us.

  13. prepper daddy Davis

    I really enjoyed the video. for a new wine fiddler I appreciate seeing someone take their time its reassuring. wine is about patience

  14. Jason D

    Seriously?! 20 minutes of edit time…I stopped at 2.5 min…saved 20 minutes of my life too…don't waste your time!!! All good manners aside…dice your shit first and then share your experience…2 minute video at best.

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