Sunday 25 February 2018
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Inari zushi(sushi)✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

Inari zushi(sushi)✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

Inari zushi(sushi)✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

Banana Sushi - Creative Snack Recipes - Weelicious

17 thoughts on “Inari zushi(sushi)✿Japanese Food Recipes TV

  1. ayesha sharma

    lovely… well in our country we hav lots of spicy snacks … well spice n sweet would b my combo. :) thanks for the lovely idea. n yea…chocolate one is the 1st one i ll try :)

  2. Patricia ́Cuisine

    Amazing recipe catherine. This is a different way to eat bananas, so funny. My suggestion here is maybe…..rolling the bananas in tahini?? Maybe this flavour is a little bit stronger than cream cheese and nut butters. But i love tahini!

    Your son is a little man already!

    Happy day guys!


  3. stylinyuja99

    Love your videos but you need to cut out the dairy! for your sake and your children's sake. I know right now you think that you are all healthy, but the best way to guarantee a long and healthy life for them and all your followers is to promote a healthier diet and lifestyle. You need to read "The China Study" and watch Earthlings!

  4. King Author

    I recently had a heart attack so eating healthy is a must yet gets boring at times…this is awesome…bannana and different kinds of nuts for me..maybe yogart covered cheerios also..thanks for the post…god bless your son..

  5. pikashoes

    Great idea! I don't have kids but I still subscribe and watch to make some of your ideas for myself and my "giant-kid" husband xD

    I'd roll mine in finely crushed Oreo!

  6. Aneles S

    your son is so adorable 😊 I want to be a teacher for kids k-5th grade and I just love kids and their creativity❤

  7. Bui Anh Tuan

    1st comment 84th view HOW EPIC IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    I would roll my banana sushi in CHOCOLATE, then CHOCOLATE CHIP

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