Irish Barmbrack

Irish Barmbrack

Irish Barmbrack

11 thoughts on “Irish Barmbrack

  1. Jonathan McGuigan

    I don't know much about my ancestry… or my family. But seeing your videos gives me a sense of what I really missed all my life here in Canada… So many of us never had a chance at getting closer in touch with our roots, but your videos and your recipes are at least giving me a reason to travel Home… Fan for life!!

  2. jaobnp

    I just returned from the best trip of my entire life-Ireland. I stayed in Connemara, visited Inis Mor & also Dublin. I so love the Irish people, culture, countryside (my roots…my beloved ancestry). I was in Ireland on Halloween, but somehow missed this wonderful looking treat! I want to make it, but will need to look up the metric conversions, as Rebecca suggested. If there is any way you could mention those conversions during the recipes, it would make it easier for those in the US. If not…we will work around it. I often post recipes on Pinterest (giving you credit, of course) . I know people won't go through the effort of trying the recipes because of the necessary conversions. Thank-you, & I send my very best!

  3. Rebecca Johnson

    Lovely anyway you may share the recipe in cups for we Americans.
    Really enjoy your recipes.
    Thank You,

  4. yang hao

    But Barmbrack is made with yeast not soda. Didn't you just make an irish soda bread instead of Barmbrack?

  5. OReillys Recipes

    Hi, thank you for your lovely kind comments, yes in Ireland we have bags of mixed fruits, raisins, currents and sultanas, if you guys don't do mixed fruits just by some small bags and mix them together, the results should be the same and when you have made your cake, sit in front a a glowing fire with a cup of hot tea, lashings of butter on your brack and enjoy, Tony O

  6. IEatCows

    Oh i'm so happy with the simplicity of this! I LOOOVE baking something to have with tea!! This lookd soo delicious!! What kind of fruit is it? Like raisins and things?

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