Thursday 22 February 2018
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Jiro Dreams of Sushi – Yamamoto Film Clip

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – Yamamoto Film Clip

Jiro Dreams of Sushi - Yamamoto Film Clip

19 thoughts on “Jiro Dreams of Sushi – Yamamoto Film Clip

  1. xxxFEMTOxxx

    Can anyone please tell me what Jiro is putting on top of sushi with a brush? Is that an olive oil?

  2. King Jo Music

    Is it weird that i got a massive boner and started fapping to this? Anybody else??? Just me?…. Okay…..

  3. jeremy western

    WHERES THE FORTUNE COOKIES???? chefs an idiot…plus it doesnt look like hes cooked the fish enough- should be battered too… muppet.

  4. Patrick Haare

    Sushi is a type of food that used to be served in the streets. It's supposed to be food for poor people thats why there is so much rice and so little fish. Serving 300$ meals consisting of 80% rice is a little farfetched. Its like selling 150$ hotdogs, even if the bread is the best bread you could find with a perfectly cooked dog, it's still a fucking 150$ hotdog….

  5. lilyofthevalley13

    I want to try sushi so bad. Especially after watching this, everything looks so freakin' good

  6. Gwynbleidd

    It's the demand and the brand that drives the price point, not necessarily the quality. I'm sure that the sushi is top echelon, but I'm sure that sushi for 3/4 of the price can be comparable.

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