Thursday 22 February 2018
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Kaiseki: The Ultimate Expression of Japanese Cuisine

Kaiseki: The Ultimate Expression of Japanese Cuisine

Kaiseki: The Ultimate Expression of Japanese Cuisine

20 thoughts on “Kaiseki: The Ultimate Expression of Japanese Cuisine

  1. Chi Chieko

    I was born in Japan and grew up in the US and Europe. Have been back twice. My mother was always an awesome cook and now, so am I! Always inspired by my culture and European experience, I tend to do a lot of fusion-style cooking. This video was quite informative since my mother's family doesn't live that far from there. I remember my mother foraging in the woods when I was a kid. This is very common in Japan. I do it now.

  2. is da vog

    I'm a white guy, but i'm obsessed food. Lately i've been really into Asian food but particularly Japanese food. Food really is the ultimate expression of culture and the japanese really do have strong culture and values, just the idea of serving raw fish means it has to be fresh and high quality. I'm not saying every sushi resturant gets it right, but when it's done right there's really nothing quite like it. It tastes pure. but i love how Japanese food centers around savory or "umami" flavors, lots of emphasis on soy sauce gives it a really meaty flavor. I swear a bowl of hot Miso soup has to be the best thing in the world. I get cravings for that.

  3. Sophia Sonia

    Gosh, they respect their food so much! I've been there once and fell in love with the place and people. Wanna go back !!!

  4. Protherium

    Somehow, it all reminds me of European Medieval Cuisine. I guess it has to do with avialable foods.
    5:46 – "burns longer and at lower temperature than Western charcoal"
    Eh… What is "Western" charcoal?

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