Sunday 25 February 2018
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Pad Thai Variations Recipes ผัดไืทวุ้นเส้น – Hot Thai Kitchen!

Pad Thai Variations Recipes ผัดไืทวุ้นเส้น – Hot Thai Kitchen!

Pad Thai Variations Recipes ผัดไืทวุ้นเส้น - Hot Thai Kitchen!

20 thoughts on “Pad Thai Variations Recipes ผัดไืทวุ้นเส้น – Hot Thai Kitchen!

  1. craig Plainfield

    I made this last night and it was the best I have ever had. I just hate it when people say they made the recipe but then made all kind of changes and substitutions. But having said that I did do something extra that I think made the dish better. I used some jumbo head on shrimp and put the heads and shells in some water and made a shrimp stock. I made sure all of the shrimp fat was dissolved into the stock. I then used this stock instead of the water in the recipe. I think it added an extra layer of flavor. What do you think?

  2. E.L. Bl/Du

    yummy yum, and you are so adorable when you teach us. Thank you again so much for these beautiful dishes, and educating us on these unusual ingredients that we would never have guessed. You are a great teacher. tomorrow I am making your hot sauce (for starters) Can't wait to make my own Phad Thai sauce and have it taste good! LOVE your videos! Liz

  3. Clifford Eric

    I've tried a pad thai in Udon Thani before and I saw the local there sprinkled some sugar on the served pad thai. Is that normal or just not?

  4. Fronken89

    Never seen Pad Thai done with Tofu in it, but that might just be because my local thai/asian restaurant has changed the recipe to better suit Swedish customers. Found your channel today and so far i'm really loving it, gonna show it to my girlfriend when she gets home from work, we both love cooking asian dishes so i'm sure we're going to try out alot of your recipes in the coming months =)

  5. Brigette Mante

    just like to ask if you have a recipe of beef randang? by the way i try your recipe of pad thai and its delicious… 😊👌🏻

  6. Jin Zhang

    I went to the Asian supermarket the other day to check out the shrimp tomalley, same brand as the one you have…and the ingredient list has some 'extra stuff' in it as you put it. Should I be worried about those extra hard-to-pronounce ingredients? Are they harmless or I just have to use it in moderation?

  7. Tuyo12

    OK my family does not eat pork or shellfish. What are some of the things I can substitute for shrimp/shellfish and pork. I would love to make this but need to have alternate ingredients. Thanks : )

  8. Greg Ward

    the one thing most of use have been taught to do is test while we are cooking to know if you need more seasoning, or if one flavor is over powering. In all the videos I have watch to date ( only about 15 or so to be honest ) I think I have only seen you test it once. Is that something that is not done as much in Tai cooking? I suspect its to do with ratios of flavoring, as long as your close it will be fine, because you not flavoring with Salt but more with the natural flavor of the different ingredients.

  9. Shawn McGuire

    You asked on another video.
    YES IT CAN BE DONE! Use food grade hydrogen peroxide. H2O2….
    If your unfamiliar with this interesting stuff just remember……..
    It can and will eat through leather, skin, organic and inorganic substances..
    Be careful.
    If you need instructions just reply and I'll give some helpful details.
    Pretty sure you know I love your videos.

  10. wtglb

    the Pad Thai I get also has sliced chicken in it.  What do you flavor it with?  It doesn't seem heavily seasoned, but there is definitely some seasoning there.

  11. Angel Chimellis

    Question – I will usually "Pre-Make" my Pad Thai sauce by cooking down Palm Sugar with a bit of water, the tamarind concentrate and the fish sauce and then canning it in mason Jars so that it's ready to use whenever I make Pad Thai.  To use these variations, could I simply just add a tablespoon or so of Siracha and Shrimp Paste to the sauce?

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