Sunday 25 February 2018
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Simple Salad Nicoise | French Guy Cooking

Simple Salad Nicoise | French Guy Cooking

Simple Salad Nicoise | French Guy Cooking

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40 thoughts on “Simple Salad Nicoise | French Guy Cooking

  1. Minh Tu Nguyen

    One of my cooking teacher who always pretends she is a French by adding French words in her talks, one day taught me how to make "Nicole Salad". Way later on, a French guest at my restaurant ordered a "Nicoise Salad", and I actually said: "You mean Nicole salad"…face slap myself

  2. Cysquack Gannon

    You were awfully waist full with that bellpepper. Slice it from the bottom and rip it open:)

    *now that i've got off my mind, back to enjoying the recipe :P

  3. kaitlyn rodriguez

    hahahahaha omg "many issues" please dont correct those many issues

    just too adorable

  4. MrkostasPT18

    Very funny the way he represented an English criticizing the turkey!!! the turkey is dry!!! I almost cried

  5. bcgrote

    Yum! These look great for nearly any poultry dish any time!
    We found Saucisson a l’Ail at one of our regular stores. Fantastically delicious even when pan seared and steamed a bit.
    How would you cook french garlic sausages? Would you make your own?

  6. Marcelo Hubaide

    hey guy, i'm from argentina, and that's a great "chimi" as we say here. That's the original recipe, and i'm glad to see it well done

  7. The New Baguette

    Hahaha! This is so funny but also informative.
    Love the pineapple trick. Truly brilliant!

    Merry Christmas, fellow Alex ;)

  8. Mary-Jo Zilveti

    Alex, I love the way you pronounce sauce! And the recipes are really great ideas!! Thanks for sharing, French Guy! Xxxx

  9. purplepuma123

    Coucou Alex, I want to try the mustard sauce. How much crème fraîche did you use? 30% mat gr?
    Also, when other recipes (uk/american) call for double cream, can I use crème fraîche in place? I'm always lost trying to find a good whipping cream (even when I use fixe chantilly)

  10. xandrios

    The canned pineapple does not contain any beneficial enzymes. This only works with fresh pineapple :-)

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