Sunday 25 February 2018
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Snail Sushi Roll Recipe

Snail Sushi Roll Recipe

Snail Sushi Roll Recipe

How To Make Bonito Seared - How to make Sashimi - Sushi (Sashimi) Recipes

29 thoughts on “Snail Sushi Roll Recipe

  1. Meyumi

    it's a great idea to press the rice like glue on the nori, I usually use vinegar. I also use vinegar on my hands to make the rice not stick.

  2. Malvin Kim

    At first I thought he meant 'snail' sushi
    as in using snail meat or something 😂
    ^this is the reason why you need to look at the picture

  3. James Ritchie

    You really call that seared fish?  This video should be called, "How to ruin a good piece of bonito."

  4. Joel Garcia

    Dude I'm a fan of your use of fish, ingredients, and knife skills…. But quickly flashing bottles of certain ingredients, and assuming we can identify/decipher all of the stuff you are using is wishful at best. I am not trying to take away from your efforts in any way, but you need to make this a more a friendly and interactive experience when teaching your craft. I'm often left stressed by not knowing what I missed, and then not wanting to try it. I feel if you change your techniques a little, and include ingredient lists, your subscriptions would skyrocket!!! I'll checkout your videos every once in a while, but am not subscribed for that reason.
    Thank you for your efforts none the less though, and I will try and continue following your videos.

  5. Ironfranko

    This channel looks really like another one in japanese only language. Since I cannot read japanese I follow also you! Keep up the good work!

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