Sunday 25 February 2018
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Teriyaki Gunkan-maki Sushi Recipe

Teriyaki Gunkan-maki Sushi Recipe

Teriyaki Gunkan-maki Sushi Recipe

20 thoughts on “Teriyaki Gunkan-maki Sushi Recipe

  1. jasonc_tutorials

    You actually don't need to close that up with rice. You can close that up with two gunkans side by side where it folds. Most of gunkans and just use the spoon to spoon in. It's probably the easiest sushi to make. I used to be the gunkan master. Then again nigiri is also very easy to make. Rolls are bit of trouble because you gotta roll them up. Then squeeze em.

  2. Min Jeong

    You can try using chicken thigh instead of breast because the breast meat tends to be drier. Also if you marinate your chicken in some sugary soy sauce mix, it'll glaze the chicken up really nicely so you'll get some succulent piece of chicken. And then the teriyaki sauce to add in that teriyaki flavor. Deliciousssss

  3. Bakazame

    So it's like pulled chicken with teriyaki sauce.
    And when you put it on the sushi, I got kind of sad because it looked tasty and I realized that I could not have it through the screen.

  4. Sarah Squared

    Chef! I don't know if someone answered this already, but where were you for two months?? I was so surprised when you didn't post for that long, especially since you post once every week.
    (If it's something private, I totally understand, no need to reply:)

  5. Quibble

    Finally i found professional chef ! You beat all other chef's that i watched before.
    So easy to understand what are you doing and it looks so delicious ! :3

  6. Paulinder Singh

    are you only working for private indivduals or is there a restaurant where one can enjoy the dishes prepared by you?

  7. SkyAquatic

    This looks incredible! Love all your videos. Can't wait to be regularly making my own sushi! Keep it up man!

  8. 1Dispretty2me

    no salt and pepper………..this is chicken breast… he gunna cook chicken breast w/out salt or pepper?

  9. Tuco the Rat

    Looks delicious!  I just couldn't help but wonder how many people are going to be making a trip to the ER attempting to duplicate prepping the cucumber.  😀

  10. Ishmam Bari

    Hey there Davy! Loving the videos, and will definitely try this one!

    Just asking, when/how will you announce the winner of your competition? 


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