Sunday 25 February 2018
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The Ultimate Pepper Shrimp |

The Ultimate Pepper Shrimp |

The Ultimate Pepper Shrimp |

Corn Cou Cou (Vegetarian + Gluten Free) #TastyTuesdays |

38 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pepper Shrimp |

  1. ravi ramkissoon

    lol—boy iah love u bad bad———-boom———bring dat dish boy————lol———-much love from dis trini

  2. buttacudawey

    I'm Jamaican an my mother teach me to cook pepper shrimp with ketchup and lime juice and I still do people always love it….maadd

  3. Christopher Matthias

    Hi Chris love your cooking ideas shrimps look mouth watering no pun intended the heat hint hint, can you do one on curry chicken if you get the time great ideas nice to see brothers in the kitchen.

  4. Jane M. Smith

    I recently found coconut oil at my favorite discount grocery store for just $2.50 for 16 ounces. I like the difference in flavor between it and the olive oil I usually use. The brand I found is usually $17.

  5. Mella pne

    Gosh this looks amazing…I think I could get the aroma from here…will definitely try this but with one pepper

  6. VIpoison911

    You don't have to correct yourself man, your viewers know what you mean. Lol Different variations to making this varies by island and country. Called fungi (fungee) in the Virgin Islands and served with boiled fish and gravy. It's tiring to stir it as it thickens. Switch hands and you'll be okay.

  7. BombChick21

    I grew up in Antigua and this is fungi for us. I love our fungi, but I never thought to add all the seasonings you did. Making this tonight.

  8. Doreen Phillip

    fungi , I wet my corn meal before turning it, it's much easier keeps the lumps away and as soon as it's well turned in I put a little orchra water cover the pot over low heat and let it boil a while before turning it several more times. I've add spinach to mines also great first pot food babies

  9. miztri

    next time mix corn meal in cold water to avoid lumps n cut back on hard work mixing then add to list liquid

  10. Penelope intheD

    This is almost like corn meal fufu with okro…both a thickener:) Hmmm…generating ideas:) Thanx Chris!

  11. Nashwa Reid

    hahhahahaha Good job Chris ! Had me cracking up.Where is the finish product? It would be nice if it was displayed.

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