Wednesday 17 January 2018
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The Wine Magician

The Wine Magician

50 thoughts on “The Wine Magician

  1. zachgosteady

    What does it seriously take to be a Vice “reporter”? An absence of a
    middle-school degree?

  2. jan geert bruggink

    As my grandfather said: ‘Inheriting a nice chateau is half the battle’.
    Then he died, i inherited a drinking problem.
    To break down this video: prepare a culture of bacteria(in a horn), make an
    inoculum(in a stirring machine), spread the inoculum over a large patch of
    land…….profit. These bacteria then do all the work of
    fertilization/breaking down harmful complexes for you, smart but nothing

  3. Alex Pye

    For all of you saying he’s crazy and whatnot you haven’t understood the way
    of life in the south of France. I do believe his wine tastes better as he’s
    not covering his vineyard in sulfates. He’s got a tougher job on his hand
    than most standard winemakers down there which also goes to show he cares
    deeply about the quality of his grapes/wine.

  4. Dylan C

    Actually, there are capitalistic bottles in a sense. A lot of wineries in
    Texas order their bottles from Mexico because of how inexpensive it is.

  5. TangeOrheen

    The bottle, cork, and cellar coincide with the not to distant past.
    Everything therefore is false.
    What comes with wine?

  6. Dr.Micheal Ambrose

    How does VICE find these reporters that are so physically/audibly
    irritating? I mean come on, this is a 35 year old french hitler look-alike
    who styles himself like a 14 year old girl with a mustache. I feel
    embarrassed for his parents.

  7. Sven Rekjeyviskijorgdei

    With an accent that strong what the fuck just speak in french id rather
    read subtitles than not understand shit you say

  8. Jack London

    To be a wine-Fanatic is nothing else to be a Junkie like smoking weed.
    50-100 years from now no one will drink wine but much less at least and all
    will smoke… Ohh yes and no I dont smoke weed but I have eyes to
    see…whats going on…
    So Wine? Its the same drug for me like Weed I dont do them.


    The interviewer sucks ass, he is one of those people that is trying so hard
    to be cool it’s ridiculous. His stupid fucking hair and moustache only add
    to the stupidity that shape him. Aside from being an arrogant, rude asshat
    who shouldn’t do interviews he dresses like a hipster who watches too many
    1980’s MTV videos. This is what it looks like when you are picked on all
    the time for playing with your pecker and contract hep C from sleeping with
    a dead guy. 

  10. asdasd asdasd

    I did this horn thing with my school, its batshit crazy unscientific cult
    shit! They are a cult!

  11. Mary Macabre

    This reminded me of a story I read in English, I can’t remember if it was
    by Edgar Allen Poe or not, it was about a man who was made a fool by
    another man, so he told him of a really expensive wine. He wanted to taste
    it so he took him to his cellar and walled him in.

    I think it was Edgar Allen Poe. That was one of my favorite stories. 

  12. Dunestorm

    I can tell the difference easily. More expensive wine is generally far
    stronger and has a dryer after-taste. Cheaper wine tastes kinda acidic
    compared and doesn’t leave as strong an after-taste.

  13. Corristo89

    Strange that they only showed red wines and never white. Personally I
    prefer white wines more, largely because reds often have a bitter to acidic
    aftertaste. Depends on the dish though. Red goes great with most Italian
    dishes while white is great for lighter food like fish or poultry.

    Odd fact: Scientists managed to recreate wine from antiquity using old
    bottles they found. Turns out the wine of yore tasted nothing like ours
    does today, more like grape juice mixed with wood polish. Often they added
    honey to make it sweeter and actually drinkable.

  14. TheTornado121

    If you make one sip of a wine you can immediately say if it’s a good wine
    or not (depending on personal preference of course). The price, well no
    chance to predict it. I know good wine for 3.50 a bottle and good wine for
    40 a bottle (never bought myself more expensive ones). Vice versa I know
    cheap bad wine but also expensive bad wine.

  15. Seventh Universe

    A good wine is one that did a good job hiding the disgusting alcohol flavor
    while having a good alcohol content of 13%+
    basically a good bottle of wine is one that gets you buzzed without being
    hard to drink the second glass.
    I don’t care about the price or origin.

  16. MissPurpur

    If you want cheap wine that tastes good, just put the wine in a blender and
    blend it around for a minute. Tastes great. 

  17. SinerAthin

    1.6 Dollars for a Bottle of Wine.

    That’s like 10 times cheaper than the cheapest wine here in Norway o.O

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