Sunday 25 February 2018
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Top 10 Foods in Japan

Top 10 Foods in Japan

Top 10 Foods in Japan

20 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods in Japan

  1. Charles Lee Smading

    I like to eat both Japaneses food as well as Eating Sweet Hot, Super Tight Japanese Pussy

  2. M Freeman

    You forgot to mention shojo manko is the hight of japans culinary development, is very delicious to eat, and is one of japans favorite dishes 😉

  3. Doggy YTB

    My Classmate is half Japanese but she is born in Davao/Philippines but she grow up in Japan 🇯🇵 Tokyo he school there since grade 1 to grade 8

  4. Gabby drakr

    I literally have no where to get japanese food so i either settle for Chinese or make my own which I feel like I don't get the whole feel of the meal.

  5. jaime chacon

    Lol i live in Japan no doubt Japanese ryori is one of the best but if you want the best in the world that's Peruvian food my friend no disrespect

  6. Jeff Tamad

    cool your from Germany. I also use to live there ..but I'm in the philippines now nice videos men …
    d kanst such mal sum phillippines kommen ich bin filipino

  7. Otaku geek 92

    i don't understand what's the diffrence between udon and ramen? is it just because of udon is more thicker than ramen

  8. Vishnu Das

    I also crave for Japanese food 24/7 it's yummy and it rocks.😋😋😋😋😋💙💜💚💝.Japanese cuisine is my most favourite.the dishes I luv the most is chicken teriyaki chicken katsu and sushi🍣😍💝💚💜💙as well as curry rice and ramen and onigiri.😘😋😋😋😋yummy.i wanna eat.i can't control my mouth watering.

  9. Jairaj Lallaramnauth

    i am from america but i love japanese food better than american food my two favorite japanese foods are sushi and ramen

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