Sunday 25 February 2018
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Types of Red Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Facts

Types of Red Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Facts

36 thoughts on “Types of Red Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Facts

  1. DandMWineStore

    it is indeed popular and it gained its popularity because of the distinct
    taste and aroma..More and more are purchasing this type of wine..Cheers!

  2. forrestlyone

    Great video..Cab is the KING of wines! favorite cabs are from
    California and Australia.

  3. Alvin Tostig

    I tell people at work that I’m on a quest to find a $9-$14 bottle of wine
    that tastes like it cost $300. They laugh at me, yet I still haven’t given
    up. I honestly don’t get why all these wines I’ve been buying taste like
    piss. I mean like what’s the big deal about taking a quality grape seed and
    nurturing it … and selling it at a sensible price?

  4. Olga Levin

    Me too. I just recently picked up a bottle of Fetzer Valley Oaks Cab Sauv
    here. Originally I ordered Tuscan Sauv but mistakenly the bar tender put
    Valley Oaks in my bag. I didn’t notice until I got home of course. The
    thing is that it all worked out. My family fell in love with Valley Oaks
    Cab Sauv. Next I will try the Tuscan bottle though. They were also the same
    price where I got my bottle at.

  5. adroj182

    In philosophy the truth is only an agreement between 2 or more people, and
    it has nothing to do with reality itself, but with the subjective human
    understanding :)

  6. unjusdorange

    @objectivethirdparty wow you really sound like you know what you’re talking
    about. Tell us more about the raw pursuit of the truth. Can you also
    recommend some good red wines?

  7. Toolminion1

    A long time ago, Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc bred together, I love
    you Cabernet Sauvignon :)

  8. Martín Barros

    CAPOSSSSS …tengo sus cds…soy de Mendoza…ojala pronto anden por aqui
    !!! abrazos Maestros!!!!

  9. gatojazz13

    Sería bueno que hicieran temas originalmente instrumentales (pink panther,
    mision imposible, mario bros, batman la música de las películas de Tim
    Burton). Son unos genios totales, pero las canciones con letra no me gustan
    como salen.

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