Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

50 thoughts on “Types of Red Wine : Malbec Wine Facts

  1. Mark Quimby

    What does she mean by “bottom” “middle” and “top” of the glass? Is she
    being literal or is that a “wineism” that I don’t know?

  2. Hands4Surgery

    Wow! You know your wines! I’ve actually never had Malbec (I think), but
    I’ll have to give it a shot due to the earthy/sandy aroma that you

  3. PilcherCano

    very nice piece. you didn’t hype it up like most. I like the laid back
    matter of fact style…and I LOVE my malbecs!

  4. alex44996

    i dont know how to get to expertvillage but seems its a place where the
    people who like wine are interesting and the people who like food are all

  5. Rob Hansult

    Pretty good. To the point and accurate. This is the kind of no nonsense
    info wine needs & deserves. Refreshing – Thanks.

  6. silentsamurai

    Very cool Video. Ive never had red, and being 25 yrs old, how should i
    know. Friend of mine told me to try Malbec to start. It’s a mellow, but has
    some tart towards the end. Thanks for the information, very helpful.

  7. intestinomedicino

    Actually is not well known in the U.S. but in the rest of America (the
    continent) is one of the favorites, nice description, straight to the
    point. I just hope that you have a white wine series.

  8. chrisd234

    @silentsamurai google search some basics of wine. Jus tknow enough to
    impress the average person, and try a few different types. You’ll be way
    above most of the pack and you’ll know what you like. Malbec is my fav

  9. ponggolese

    Thank you; I really enjoy your videos :) You should sell these wines! You
    talk about them really convicingly. This format is great too – two minutes
    is the size of most people’s attention span, I reckon.

  10. bostero1

    @intestinomedicino Unfortunately a lot of people in the U.S. don’t know
    much about wine period.

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